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Current dispatch time 3-4 weeks post festival (unless special request)




“Only a small audience sees the work that is created for Shangri-La at Glastonbury Festival. We aim to spread Shangri-La’s message of love, rebellion and humour through external projects and events, giving people a piece of Shangri-La to take home with them, and providing some income to the Artists that have contributed to Shangri-La over the years.

We aim to reach people who wouldn't usually engage with Art, by bringing it to them rather than the other way round, pushing ourselves to work in new ways and contexts, continuing to challenge ourselves and the world around us.”

Kaye Dunnings - Creative Director, Shangri-La Glastonbury

Committed to realising the transformative power of art in all forms, all profits are reinvested to nurture the work of the artists, support the company and grow its possibilities. These include bigger and better works for the Shangri-La field each year at Glastonbury, and future collaborations with artists and institutions. 

Profit Share

Once print costs are covered, the profit will be divided as follows:

  • 50% to the Artist
  • 10% to cover running costs - staffing, storage, office equipment
  • 20% to be used to fund artwork for Shangri-La 
  • 20% to be invested in infrastructure, workshops and future projects.




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