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ShangrilART Christmas Market
Saturday 16th Dec, 12-5pm

Shout out to all local artists! Sell your work at our annual ShangrilART Christmas market.

We’re looking for artists who create affordable, hand made contemporary artworks/objects/prints.

To apply, drop us an email with a short bio, images of your work & social handles to


Jake x ShangrilART x Lost Horizon
Exhibition runs until December

Jake Pond x ShangrilART bring you Ravember - an illustrative art exhibition celebrating dance music and underground rave culture.

Jake is best known for his work at Glastonbury Festival and Boomtown, designing the The Common areas iconic Temple stage, and Boomtown’s Metropolis area.

Jake Pond bio

For nearly 30 years, Jake Pond has been creating an extensive body of dance music and underground rave culture related artwork. Starting out in the early 90s and travelling the Euro Teknival circuit, he produced flyers, posters, record labels and backdrops, developing an easily recognisable style which has contributed a visual voice to express some of the vibe of those times. More recently he has been the lead designer and artist for the Common at Glastonbury, having designed and built the field’s main venue, The Temple. He annually designs and builds for Metropolis at Boomtown fair and currently he is involved in illustrating a 12 chapter graphic novel called Jitterbug.

Each November Jake works on an ongoing drawing project called Ravember. Simply put, each day in November you make a drawing about experiences you may have had which relate to your rave memories. By the end of November you will have completed 30 drawings and illustrated a story which those of us who know, know well. These drawings have been collected in 30 page books and this November will see the fourth cycle and the creation of Ravember 23.

Lost Horizon will be showcasing the last three years of Ravember, along with Jake’s retrospective show 'Relentless...28 Years at the Top' which showcases some of his work from the last 28 years…preparing us for the next 28! :)







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