No One Gets Out Alive - ShangrilART
Charlie Anderson

No One Gets Out Alive

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No One Gets Out Alive

One colour hand pulled silkscreen on fabriano paper

Edition of 50

42 x 59cm

Signed and numbered

Prints are unframed and ship rolled

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Charlie Anderson creates painting to take upon the appearance of old layered billboards, comprised of images and references experienced on a daily basis, redesigned to be unrecognizable in an effort to create a new context. For Shangri-La he produced a series of paintings, created in an oversized magazine front page format - individually aiming to form a whole, comprising fragments of low-brow and high-brow mass media. Inverted figures take on a demon like quality against neon and bubblegum colours, transporting them from their original context into a nauseating and self-indulgent composition. 


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